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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Glassmaster?

Glassmaster is an exclusive distributor of the finest window film treatments available. Glassmaster is proud to handle "ONLY" the finest grade window film treatments available in the market for Automotive, Residential and Commercial applications.

How is Window Film applied to glass?

Window Film has an adhesive on one side which is covered with a protective liner. A special soap solution is applied to the glass surface, the liner is removed from the film and then the film is positioned on the glass surface. The solution will react with the adhesive and provide a bond to the glass surface. Excess solution is removed by applying pressure, final trimming/positioning is done and the film and adhesive is allowed to then dry/set for at least a 24 hour period. Should there already be a film applied to the glass it will need to be removed and the glass surface cleaned to remove all contaminates.

Can Window Film be applied to any surface?

Window Film is designed for application to glass surfaces. Special Films exist for unique surfaces and even for exterior applications. Check with your Professional Installer to insure you get the correct film for your desired application.

To what extent can Window Film reduce heat?

The heat rejection property of Window Film will vary depending on the amount of dye and type of metal manufactured into the film. Some Automotive films will contain only a dye but most films contain various amounts and types of metals which give films an extra heat and light repellant property. The more metal in a film the greater the amount of heat rejection but this can also create a mirror effect as seen on many large commercial buildings. There are special "low reflective" films available that can eliminate this mirror effect and allow you to maintain that special view. It's best to seek the advice of your Professional Installer in determining what application best suites your needs.

How long will Window Film last once it is applied on glass?

The life of a Film depends on a variety of factors such as type of film, orientation of window, elevation, humidity levels and the sun's intensity. Be sure to check on the Warranty of your particular application with your Professional Installer. Most automotive applications now offered are Limited Lifetime while residential and commercial applications offer 10 Year Limited Warranties. For residential and commercial applications you should also demand a Glass Breakage and Seal Failure Warranty. This insurance protects you from the possibilities of broken glass during and for a period of time after, application of Window Films to dual pane windows. Most Window Film Manufacturers will offer this insurance through your Professional Installer at no extra cost.

Is there a One-Way Film available (for any time of day)?

Films can be layered to provide a "One-Way" feature. Most Professional Installers can provide this layering but it will usually void the warranties normally provided.

Are there Films with zero visibility?

There are zero visibility as well as low visibility films from what the industry calls "Blackout or Whiteout" to "Frosted or Matte" films. Blackout and Whiteout films cut 100% of the light while Matte films come in a variety of colors and provide a "ghost like image" through the films.

Advantages of Window Film Over Tinted Glass?

Window Films all provide a greater amount of UV protection built into the product. The sheet of Film also gives added strength to the glass and helps hold the glass together when broken. This "Security" feature of film can help prevent break-ins or in extreme cases of explosions, will hold the glass together preventing shards of glass becoming deadly missiles. For "Security" features you will need to ask for Films in thicknesses greater than standard films of 2 Mil. These come in standard thicknesses of 4 Mil all the way up to 12 Mil.

How is blocking of UV rays helpful? Does it prevent fading?

Glassmaster film is UV stabilized polyester, which can cut up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that contribute to fading. But it should be noted that UV rays is only one of the components in the solar energy spectrum, and the other components such as heat, infrared radiation and light are also responsible for fading due to sunlight. Your choice of Film should depend on your location and how these factors impact your application requirements. Consult with your Installation Professional for the best product choice.

Why are Films considered energy savers?

Whether a Film is applied to your Automobile, Home or Office its heat reducing qualities reduce the energy required to color your space. The extent of energy saved will depend on the type of film used. Consult with your Installation Professional for the best product choice.

Can I install the Film myself?

While we're not talking about rocket science here it's no different than doing a plumbing job at home i.e. if you don't have the right tools and a certain amount of experience, you'll end up paying someone to fix it after you've made an attempt and it'll just cost you that much more to get it done right. We've all see those cars driving along the road with huge eye shaped bubbles in the back window. Best to let someone with experience do it for you.

What are the different types of Film?

Automotive:  available in Dyed, Hybrid and All Metal Films. All with a "no fade to purple" Lifetime Warranty

Residential and Commercial:  available in Dual Reflective, Neutral, Reflective, Low Reflective, Mattes, Blackout, Whiteout and all in a variety of Colors and VLT's

Security:  available in Clear and Colored from 4 Mil to 12 Mil

Does Glassmaster provide a guarantee against Glass Breakage?

Through our manufacturer Glassmaster does provide this type of insurance on Residential and Commercial applications when installation is performed by a Professional Installer using a listed Glassmaster film. Not all films are covered on Dual Pane and Low E windows so be sure and check with your Installer before making a selection.

Does Film require any special care after installation and how do I keep the Film clean?

After a 24 hour curing process Glassmaster films will require no special care after installation. It is however not recommended that you use any ammonia based products on the Film. If the ammonia should come in contact with the adhesive, between the window and the glass, it could neutralize the adhesive. A soft cloth and plain or mild soapy water is best.

Can I replace my existing Window Film with Glassmaster films?

A major advantage of Window Film is that if you get tired of the color you can have it removed and have a different color or strength installed.

How do I find a local Professional Installer?

Email us at or call us at 800-919-5044. We are constantly adding new installers, so please call us for the latest listing of approved installers in your area.