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Saves Energy

Flat Glass and Automotive window films can reject as much as 82% of the sun's total solar energy. By reducing interior heat you can dramatically reduce your air conditioning costs in your home or office and increase your mileage by not having to rely so heavily on your cars' air.

Greater Safety

Security window films help make glass "shatter resistant" which improves your safety during accidental breakage, attempted robberies or explosions by holding the glass splinters and shards together. Additional features called "locking systems" can hold the glass and film to the frame of the window and delay or completely prevent access.

Reduces Glare

All of MaXPro's window films increase comfort by reducing the glare from the sun.

Greater Privacy

MaXPro's superior films provide privacy from prying eyes depending on light intensity and the film chosen. Ask your Professional Installer for specific details and how your choice of films can provide security and/or privacy.

Boosts Aesthetic Value

MaXPro films are available in a variety of shades, light densities, and colors which add beauty and enhance the exterior of your home or building. You have windows to enjoy the view. Don't cover them up with shades or sun screens.

Scratch Resistance

MaXPro films have a scratch resistant coating that can help avoid scratches that occur during normal handling and cleaning of glass.

Virtually Maintenance Free

MaXPro films last longer and are virtually maintenance free. They're an economical choice when compared to expensive tinted or reflective glass.

Increased Property Values

The addition of MaXPro films can provide protection for your home or auto while increasing the resale values.

Knowledgeable Support Staff

Fully trained support staff are available to solve any application need.

Extend Air Conditioner Life

By reducing the heat transmitted through the glass your air conditioner will not have to work nearly as hard or for as long a period of time.

Increased Fade Protection

By reducing the suns total energy incident on the glass, and limiting the amount of ultra-violet radiation, the incidence of fading on upholstery and fabrics is reduced significantly.