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To reduce heat, energy consumption and to protect you and your valuables from the sun, contact Glassmaster today!

For the Retail Customer

If you're looking for an Authorized Installer to tint your car, home or office give us a call on 800-919-5044 and we'll put you in touch with the closest Tint Shop or Mobile Professional to your location. All our Approved Installers use the finest quality products and offer the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. If you need help in picking the correct film for your needs feel free to ask any questions of our support personnel who are versed on State laws and application technologies. You can also visit some of the links above that may answer your questions or concerns like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), Benefits & Advantages or even to understand the lingo by visiting the Glossary of Terms.

For the Professional Installer

Glassmaster is an exclusive distributor of the finest film products in the world, dedicated to the Professional Window Film Installer. We specialize in Automotive, Residential, Commercial and Security Films as well as Installation Tools and Product Support for the Southwestern United States.

As the distributor of specialized film products, we are the only distributors in the industry that are "Sole Source Vertically Integrated". We work hard to maintain exclusive direct access to central factory administration, technical support, and problem resolution. This results in the our products being less expensive and our problem resolution (including warranty processing) more timely and responsive to customer needs. The final result is a focused ability to work closer and in partnership with small business owners/installers.

When you speak, the manufacturer listens!

Glassmaster Industries is a marketing and master distribution company dedicated to developing better product solutions for the professional window film installer who finds it difficult to get quality products or service support from domestic converters or representative distributors.

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